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My thoughts behind the exhibit

I’ve been creating iconic images in and around Charleston WV. for several years. I think in the beginning, I was focusing on the buildings that reminded me of my "Charleston that was”- everything changes so fast and I was wanting to preserve these special places by creating an art form that combined my photography with my love for colors and paintings- My canvas gallery Wrap Signature Series of Digital Giclee (Pronounced: Zee-Clay) artworks were born from that desire.

As the “Charleston Collection” was in it's third edition, I grew concerned that my subject was reaching it’s maturity-and perhaps I was coming to an end of finding what was once nostalgic for me- after all, there are only so many “iconic” places in any one place to be found! Then while visiting Charleston South Carolina several years ago, I soon found myself being drawn to certain places that had an aura of something special about them.

(This was the turning point that led to the exhibit you see before you now- A Tale Of Two Cities; Featuring works from Charleston WV and Charleston SC.)

It was here in this southern sister city of Charleston that I realized progress in its many forms may take certain buildings and views from the periphery of our day to day existence- but it can’t change how it feels to be there in the flesh when a certain experience creates an indelible memory for each of us.

So, I began to capture and recapture these places in BOTH cities at different times of day and seasons, with and without people- Worrying less about the "Landmark" and more of whatever felt more “right” in order to convey my feeling about what I was seeing- and more importantly; feeling about them at the time.

From the South's groves of Oak tree's that have stood the passing of time, to courtyards that have hosted thousands of gatherings past their walls-seeing the new renovations of our own city on Capitol Street that beckon the passerby to stop and enjoy the company of others on a mid afternoon- All of these places have made me stop at the wonder of it all...and listen to what my heart told me was important to capture, to save these most personal memories and to change as the cities change around me; and yet stay remarkably the same. 

I hope that you enjoy my exhibit "A Tale Of Two Cities: Featuring Charleston WV. and Charleston SC.- more importantly, I hope in some small way after viewing the collection, you feel like you were there with me ...

All the best,

Clayton E. Spangler II




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